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Remiel ~ E.I.D. Tedros NS (July 27, 2010)
Kristen ~ Elfdoll Pandora LE50 {Vampire Elf Lydia} (August 27, 2010)
Azriel ~ S.I.D. Lee NS (January 13, 2011)
Aidan ~ nY.I.D. Xmas Justin RS (March 22, 2013)
Gabriel ~ E.I.D. Arvid PG (July 11, 2014)
Aeslin ~ nY.I.D. Addiction Chris RS (October 7, 2014)
Mithion ~ K.I.D. Lonnie NS (May 15, 2015)
Riordan ~ Ringdoll Lucifer (May 16, 2015)
Elladan ~ Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe male (July 2, 2015)
If you wanted to find me and see more of the doll pictures.  Plus, I believe I am going to start writing again.  It is time for me to put back together what was lost.  So, here are my other creative places. ~ My Tumblr account.  Here I post mostly pictures of the dolls so far, but it is my plan to begin posting their stories there as well.  I know not everyone is into reading about fictional beings, but some of you might be interested and curious about the lives the Niborian and their elvish counterparts.  Also, since it is my personal blog, there will be reblogs of other peoples dolls and art.  Or really, anything that catches my fancy.  LOL… ~ My Flickr account.  Here is where I am endlessly dumping photos of the dolls.  Almost any and all shots that I like from a photo shoot ends up here.  Also some cat pictures and other odds and ends. ~ I also have an Instagram account, though admittedly I am still trying to figure out what to do with it.  I tend to treat it with far less respect than the other accounts and it simply as odds and ends I feel like sharing.  Art sent to me by others, and things that catch my attention. ~ And my Twitter account.  Which I'm sure you all know, is simply my place to babble about things going on in my life.  Mostly about my dislike of cave trolls.  LOL  A joke using a Lord of the Rings line to refer to anyone who annoys me.  Though I have made some changes to my life and there are now more up beat and positive posts there.

Anyway, I hope to see some of you around.  You can PM me here if you want to know my Skype name, but I mostly use Skype for RPing with friends.  But hey, if you RP and feel like hitting me up, I'd be game for that as well.  Nothing I like more than a good, strong RP.
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Perfect Servant by RobinBird
Perfect Servant
Call me your master
My will be done
You will appease
Kneel down in silence, shoulder the pain
'Cause you're my disease

A perfect servant
Perfect to please
I will destroy you
Now open your eyes
Open your eyes

Riordan is a Ringdoll Lucifer
Still Got It by RobinBird
Still Got It
I imagine that the modelling agency that Gabriel works for requested that he let them color his hair for a more summer kissed look.
Gabriel thinks he looks more like a surfer dude now.  I told him I think that was the point.  :D
He still has it though.  Such a good looking Niborian.

Gabriel is an Iplehouse EID Arvid in Peach Gold
Surfer Dude by RobinBird
Surfer Dude

Not really, but I did find one of Gabriel's other wigs and tried it out today.  I think it makes him look a bit less serious, even though he is still a good looking fellow.  I know the Gabriel who lives in my head was supposed to be blond, but the doll version always seems to drift back over to the nice dark brown wigs.

Gabriel is an Iplehouse EID Arvid in Peach Gold
Mithion the Dancer by RobinBird
Mithion the Dancer
Today was a beautiful day here, and little Mithion was quite happy to be outside in the fresh air.
The little one really has quite a lot of energy, and it was not long before he was dancing away joyfully.
I think he was glad it was not raining for once.  LOL

Mithion is an Iplehouse KID Lonnie in Normal Skin, and he is mine

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Hisomu Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015  Professional Artist
Thanks for the watch! Your gallery is great :heart: Emoji13 (I watched you too~)
RobinBird Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
Thank you!  :hug:  Though I admit, I am crazy about one of your guys!  He is just too beautiful.
And thanks for the watch back!  :heart:
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Thank you so much for watching! :D
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you are welcome! :heart:
Thanks for the watch back!  :hug:
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You are most welcome :) You have super beautiful dolls and I hope to see more photos of them here on DA :)
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Happy birthday!  :cake:
RobinBird Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
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Happy birthday Robin!! Hope you'll have a wonderful celebration with your family and friends! Hug Singing Have your cake and eat it too Party 
RobinBird Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
Thank you very much!  :glomp:
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Happy Birthday gurl! ;3;
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