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Remiel ~ E.I.D. Tedros NS (July 27, 2010)
Kristen ~ Elfdoll Pandora LE50 {Vampire Elf Lydia} (August 27, 2010)
Azriel ~ S.I.D. Lee NS (January 13, 2011)
Aidan ~ nY.I.D. Xmas Justin RS (March 22, 2013)
Gabriel ~ E.I.D. Arvid PG (July 11, 2014)
Aeslin ~ nY.I.D. Addiction Chris RS (October 7, 2014)
Mithion ~ K.I.D. Lonnie NS (May 15, 2015)
I want to get back in the groove of writing the stories of the Sons of Seraphim, even if the stories have changed somewhat since I first came up with the Niborian and their world.  I need to think about how to best restructure them and the world they live in now.  It may take some time, but I love the Niborian so it is time I set them back on the path they were born to tread.

That being said, I have taken a look at my collection of BJD and decided that they should be as first intended, a representation of the people who live and breath in the stories that live within my mind.  I want to complete the sons and bring home Cassiel, Zachriel, Robbiel and Uriel, so that I have all the brothers living here.  I also want to get a few more girls back into the house.  Given how long it will take for me to complete finding the coin for just this many, I am telling myself to leave my wishlist at these for now, but we will see.  My thoughts are always shifting around, and I am constantly tempted by Iplehouse boys.  *laughs*  But I need to at least FINALLY complete the Sons of Seraphim!

So yeah, anyway...  That is my two big plans to start 2016.  Begin to write/rewrite the story of The Sons of Seraphim, and to see them fleshed out in resin.  I doubt all of them will appear this year in their resin forms.  I'll be happy if two more of the brothers can join Gabriel, Remiel and Azriel.  (Plus Ash and Aidan, since they are also brothers of Gabe, Cass and Robb, just not sons of Seraphim.)

Anyway...  Happy 2016 Everyone!
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Kristen Gavin O'Brien by RobinBird
Kristen Gavin O'Brien
"Welcome." she says quietly.  She can see that you have come a long way on your journey, and she will not turn you away.  At least she will not turn you away since she knows that you have passed by the protectors of these lands.  She feels that means she is safe to trust you.  "So tell me...  What is it you would like to know?  Where should we begin?"

Kristen is an Elfdoll Pandora and she, as well as Nibor and all the people of Nibor, belongs to me.
Aidan Elliot Evans by RobinBird
Aidan Elliot Evans
As you journey further into the lands of Nibor you are soon greeted by another of her residents.  Like the niborian prince before him, this one offers a look of mistrust.  On his face is a skeptical look of one who has been lied to by the sons and daughters of men far too often.  Yet you can see there is a softness under such a look.  He wants to believe that you have come into his territory for peaceful reasons...

Aidan's role in the story has changed, but I think he and Aeslin have finally found their true calling among the children of Nibor.
Aidan is an Iplehouse Justin in RS and he, as well as Nibor and all the people of Nibor, belongs to me.
Remiel Anmar Seraphim by RobinBird
Remiel Anmar Seraphim
On a brisk evening across the lands, just as the sun is starting her descent from the sky, we find one of the princes of the very lands in which we walk.  He clearly doesn't trust us, bidding us to go no further.  Yet we assure him that we are not enemies of his people.  We only wish to know the truth, to hear the story of the Niborian from the lips of one who was there...

Remiel is an Iplehouse Tedros in NS.  He and his stories (and all the stories of Nibor) belong to me.
~ The Niborian ~ These are people that humans of earth refer to as elves when first faced with them.  They have pointed ears and fair skin, tending to live off and with the land around them.  They are the main population of Nibor, and are found in greater numbers than most of the land’s other inhabitants.  The queen of Nibor is Seraphim, and she has seven sons for whom she has named for the angels.  Each Niborian has a Silent Paw familiar that stays with them for the length of their life, counseling and aiding them.

~ The Silent Paw ~  Silent Paw are felines who are about the size of a Great Dane.  They have long, colorful coats, with their tails being very full.  The coat of a Silent Paw can be any color, with a darker shade covering the ears, tail, legs and nose.  Male Silent Paw will also have a darker shading around the eyes in a mask like pattern.  Silent Paws are extremely intelligent and can speak, though many people do not know this as the Paws prefer to remain thought of as simply a large pet or protector of the Niborian.

~ The Wolfen ~  These are one of two shifters or weres common in the lands of Nibor.  The Wolfen are a people with the ability to shift into the form of wolves.  They tend to live in close family units under one alpha.  Their housing and clothing are likened to that of gypsies.  Skin color varies as much as coat color ranging from very dark to very light.  Wolfen tend to roam and are found in all the lands of Nibor.

~ The Pantherous ~  These are the second type of shifter or were found within the lands of Nibor.  The Pantherous people have two forms. Their human like form, and the form of a leopard, panther, puma or cougar.  They live in the warmer climates of Nibor, making their homes in the massive trees of the le nernil.  Their skin color tends to be more of a tan in color, and they tend to have dark brown or black hair.  To see a Pantherous with white hair or coat color is very rare.

~ The Cruor ~  These are the children of night.  The Cruor are referred to by the citizens of Earth as vampires due to their need to drink blood as a part of their diet.  Unlike human mythology, the Cruor only drinks blood as humans might drink wine, and it does not have to come from a humanoid host to satisfy.  Though any Cruor will tell you that blood straight from an intelligent host is still the best blood to have.  The rest of the Cruor diet is made up of red meat.  Cruor can go out in the sun, but their skin burns very easily and so many tend to avoid it completely.  The Cruor are a very pale, fair race with hair colors that range from white to black.

~ The Aileron ~  Also called winged elves by the people of Earth, the Aileron are a race of winged beings who live within the mountains (le hedronil) of Nibor.  Their homes and cities are within the open caves on le hedronil’s cliff face, and are not accessible to most land dwellers without great effort.  They are a race divided into three groups.  Most Aileron are known as hawks.  Hawks are people of medium muscle and small amounts of useful magic.  The second most common among the Aileron are the eagles.  Eagles have greater muscle strength, but no magic.  Most eagles find themselves placed as guards and soldiers.  The rarest of the Aileron are the falcons.  Falcons tend to be smaller and slighter than hawks or eagles, but they have great magic within them.  Falcons are peacekeepers and healers among the Aileron kind.
The People Of Nibor
I want to begin to work on the series of novels that are stuck in my head, but first I need to get the world and her people settled.  My first step in doing this was to figure out what the races of Nibor are NOW.  So far my ideas are starting to fall into place, and these are just the main people of Nibor.  There are other creatures out there as well, along with some interesting 'baddies' that I am not yet ready to disclose.

So yeah, anyway...  Here is a brief intro into the five main people (and felines) of Nibor as well as a peek into where you might find them.  I am still working on the layout of the land, but will post that when I am happy with it.

Nibor, Niborian, Silent Paws, Wolfen, Pantherous, Cruor, and Aileron all belong to Me and I will be greatly upset if you steal them or my ideas.  Thank you.

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